Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mimi's GORGEOUS Celine Phantom from Joy

This review is long overdue! Mimi submitted it to me on April 14th but due to being so busy and my bad habit of answering emails from the top down instead of from the bottom up many of the older emails were further delayed. I have got to remember to start from the bottom up lol.

Anyway Mimi has always been super sweet and she was not at all upset that her review got posted later than those who sent theirs after she did but let me tell you that her beautiful bag is worth the wait :). I am not really a Celine fan so I don't know much about them. Actually I don't know SQUAT about them and probably wouldn't be able to tell a fake from the real one unless it had glaring flaws.

But the pictures are beautiful and I would proudly wear her bag whether or not it s the perfect replica so Mimi, thank you for sharing your new treasure and I am sure you will ROCK IT OUT!!!


Mimi's Comments:

Hi Sarah, 

I finally got my order from Joy about two weeks ago and I think I should give it a review for the blog or forum to see. 

I love the bag I am so in love that I want to buy all the colors available. I don't think there's a Celine boutique where I live (I'm actually 90% sure that the country has no Celine boutique at all). I did my studying from Youtube + purse forum + Celine website + online blog reviews to learn about this bag and compare my this rep to authentic.  I ordered it with purple Prada saffiano double zip lux tote (will do a review on this bag as well), the package was heavy.  Any ways on to the review. 

So the dust bag it came with was alright I have never seen an authentic dust bag for Celine's in person so I can't compare the texture of the the dust bag of rep phantom Celine from an authentic. Inspecting it was well made; thick cotton fabric. Print on the bag was very prominent, but I washed it so it faded. However I said I haven't seen an authentic Celine dust bag, I do know for watching reviews of un-boxing of Celine's on Youtube, the drawstring for the dust bag is meant to be long and thick. My dust bag was short and very thin cotton fabric. But hey it's just a dust bag. I'm not trying to scam someone and sell this as an authentic. 
Now on to the bag it self, the dimensions of the rep I think is true to the authentic. I did see a couple of celebrities that are clearly taller and it seemed that the bag looked in proportion to them. So it made wonder the size of my rep is not right, then I did more research turns out that there's a small and large phantom. 
So okay the bag did smell of chemicals but seriously once it was all aired out, the smell of leather is divine.
The bag looks beautiful, the glue around the edges are perfect. The handles have no ripples, stitching one them area all even...perfect. From where the handles actually attaches to the bag, which from what I read from purse forum feels not so secure (but it is just not as secure like other luxury brands) that some of the forum don't feel comfortable actually putting too much in their bag. The bag it self empty is very heavy roughly about 1-1.5kg so once you put things in it becomes your strength or weight training for the day lol Again this is true to the authentic. 
The foot studs down the bottom are all correctly placed and aligned. The stitches all over the bag are all good no fraying what so ever and they are all even. The suede inside the bag, it feels good! The back compartment zipper works very well, however the front zipper is so hard to use. Too hard I seriously tried opening once and never again. Not like it can fit much. 
The actual leather is nice and thick; soft and so smooth. From reviews on Youtube (with authentic bags) they say that it's so smooth it can easily scratch. In fairness they did pay $2400-3000 for one so they can be as careful as they want with their bag. The base for this bag is a little bit stiff and more structure than the authentic. It doesn't bend that much; which for me is a plus because in the authentic once you put too much things in the bag it sags and loses the shape. 
The hot stamping of the Celine logo + 'made in Italy' (on the back zip compartment) are both centered and very deep, I think the font is slightly different but seriously who will notice.  This is the $250 price range from joy the cheaper Celine phantom luggage have shallow or not as defined. 
Function wise because of the design and the shape of the bag you can fit a lot, but as I mentioned it is already heavy with it empty. The front zip braided tassel thing on the front  is long (even on the authentic) so it's for mere decoration and well putting it on the floor would be a big no no. There's no other zip besides from the bunny like ear on the side which you can use to close the bag. It makes it more secure but you lose the "phantom" shape. It just then just becomes like a normal Celine bag and it also makes the actual bag size little bit smaller. Again this bag I believe is for show, one of those you put your cell phone + nice wallet + small make up bag + keys. It's not really I can take to work and put stuff in there cause it just gets too heavy and too over stuffed. Even as the replica has a more secure or stiffer base than the authentic I wouldn't use it as a "daily" bag. 
I have used this bag once and it was to show my friends and when I did they literally said "OMG you F.B*^$!" Yes they we're so jealous and in shock. They were green in envy...then I said it's a replica all three of them said "Stop lying seriously, did your mom get this for you from Europe". They looked at the bag stared at the bag, they could not believe it was a replica.Now they all want one! 
I can give this bag a 9/10; cause of the front zip not working properly. 
I wish Joy can have the large Celine phantom available soon. I will order the grey with orange trimming phantom  next from Joy, fierce for autumn. 
I love this bag and very happy with it. I have included some pictures, tell me what you guys think. 
Sorry for the long review Sarah, I know your busy and won't have time to read all of it. Hope you will get time to share it in the blog or forum. Thanks



  1. wow i love it. May i ask how tall you are? i'm 5'2. do you think it would look too big on me?

    1. I'm very short 4'11, I personally don't think the dimensions of this bag is not too big for me. But in saying that I do love big bags.

  2. Replies
    1. Anna, don't be jealous get one for yourself :).

  3. Hey! How do I contact joy to receive this bag,I love it!!

    1. Hi Joleen, you can find all the sellers that I recommend on the "Recommended Seller List". Scroll to the top and click on that menu tab. Joy is the first one listed as FabAAA. She's my favorite seller so I put her on top :).

  4. hello, do you recommend fabaaa or fallinfasions for their quality of celine bags? i love your blog and will appreciate your response.

    1. I am leaning towards fallinfashions because i can pay with my credit card but fabaa has a wide collection

    2. Hi Kary, I'm not a Celine fan but I did buy one from Joy (FabAAA) for someone else and to be honest I wasn't impressed with the quality of the leather and it arrived kind of warped from shipping. But the person who I purchased it for loved it so maybe it's just me. She owns many authentic bags so perhaps it's only because I don't know what a real one should look or feel like. I like both Joy and Jess (Fallin2Fashions) but I can't really refer either one of them for Celine just because I've only seen that one from Joy and haven't seen any from Jess.

    3. Have you tried asking on the forum? I'm sure we have lots of Celine fans so you'd have better luck there. Sorry I can't be of much help in this area :(.

  5. I was wondering if the purse has a stitch across the bottom? I actually ordered a few purses from fallinfashion (two days ago) one of them being the Celine Phantom and the picture of the bag I bought has a stitch across the bottom. One of my friends told me that if there's a stitch across the bottom it's a dead give-away that it's a replica - does anyone know if that's true?

  6. Stitch on bottom -dead giveaway